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Posted by admin on November 01, 2011
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Welcome to our Precious Metals new site where you can find gold and silver prices and charts.


We keep you informed of the latest news on the economy and tell you the reasons behind rising or falling gold and silver prices. Therefore, you can make informed decisions on when to buy or sell your holdings. Gold forecasters believe that holding gold and silver metals could be one of the greatest opportunities to create massive wealth and protect your life savings. Our expert panel of gold forecasters can help you find out the latest economic news and news related to gold price charts and silver prices.



Silver and Gold Price Fluctuations

Please check back often to find out the reasons behind any gold and silver price fluctuations. Many large drops in price have been found to be manipulations. According to Mr. Chapman, this price manipulation will not be able to continue forever as the demand for gold increases. As the currencies around the world are devalued more and more, people and governments will be looking for a safe heaven for their money. At this time, the real market value of gold and silver will surpass the lower value from price manipulation. Experts predict that the gold price could reach $10,000 an ounce within the coming decade and silver prices could reach $300 an ounce.


Will Gold Reach $10,000 an ounce?

As the price of the currency is devalued, people seek a safer area to keep their money. Therefore, during hard economic times and inflation, people move their money from the banks into gold coins, bullion and silver precious metals. This will push up precious metals prices. 

gold priceThe bankers bailout caused a huge increase in the money supply, which had a direct effect on creating increased inflation, thus driving precious metals prices higher. Greater inflation numbers result in higher food and gas prices. By printing more and more money, the Fed is assuring that the price for our goods, such as food, will become more expensive in the future. Therefore, moving the money out of the dollar and into gold coins and silver coins could save your wealth. The rise in gold and silver prices has reflected a movement into precious metals, due to the increase in money printing by the Federal Reserve.




1) Own Gold to Head Against the Devaluation of the Dollar.

As the dollar’s value gets lower and lower, we will see a rise in gold prices.

2) Economic Deterioration in the United States

The United States keeps printing more and more money. This leads to inflation and higher food and gas prices. The more money the Federal Reserve prints, the lower the standard of living for American Citizens. The way to protect the value of your money is to put it in stable assets – such as gold coins, bullion and precious metals such as silver.

3) Increasing Demand

The time to buy is when the majority of the population is generally unaware of the rising demand for a product. Imagine the people who invested in Tech stocks or Internet stocks before the boom. Now if you were in these areas before the majority of the population caught on, you may have made a small fortune. That is if you sold it before the bubble. The same thing happened with the real estate boom. When the dollar fails, people will be scrambling to get out of the dollar and there really is no where else to go besides gold coins, bullion and silver.

4) A Hedge Against Hyper-Inflation

As the government prints more and more money we will see prices rise more and more. According to Bob Chapman the real rise in inflation is much higher then what the government is reporting. Bob has said that real inflation for the past year is over 10% and next year could be 20%. This could lead to a Wiemar Republic style hyper-inflation where the cost of bread could rise to $100 over night.

As they say, history repeats itself over and over again. We are seeing the collapse of the economies around the world, a collapse of currencies, the collapse of the dollar and a collapse of the way of life that we have been accustomed to in the United States. It only takes studying history to see what is unfolding in the U.S. We are in for challenging times, but according to experts, we can prosper during this time.

The leaders of tomorrow will be the people who had the foresight and intelligence to position themselves properly for the coming storm. According to Bob Chapman, there is no safer place then gold and silver (non-numismatic) coins and bullion. We are the financial leaders of the future, those of us who are awake and aware of what is going on in the world. Some day we may look back at this time and thank God that we had the intelligence and ability to think outside the crowd, and do the right thing. May freedom prevail in America and around the world in the future!

Please check back daily to get the latest breaking news on gold and silver prices!